Adsense is one of the biggest affiliate programs I've ever seen online. Since Google is a corporate it has a wide network, Adsense is nothing but ad- advertise, sense- sensibly, and therefore advertise sensibly, and it truly lives up to it's words. Adsense pays it's publishers for keeping ads on this page.adsense%20banner.bmp
Say for instance a page like this which is on revenue sharing with wikidot gets paid on every click that is made on the advertisement which is displayed on this page or any page with adsense ad units. They pay publishers usually through cheque( minimum $100 payout ), and as far as the ads are concerned, it's pretty well stacked, it's your choice of the placement of the ad, the color template and whatsoever. The thing is that you cannot place more than 3 ad units per page.
The ad that is visible depends mainly on the content that you have on your page, and the cost per clcik varies from 10 cents to a whooping $3, So Its up to the content and your sites popularity. Soon I will post how to earn more with Adsense. Tell then here's the tutorial page

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