helium is a place for publishers or writer who are willing to share their knowledge and earn at the same time. Working with helium was pleasurable, it was so great with writing new articles, seriously believe me you will gain great writing skills with helium, but the problem with helium is, if you are a newbie, you've probably cannot earn much as others, it's because of the fact that they maintain a rating system for both your rating and writing.


To be precise, the more quality articles you write the more the rating is and so the pay, like wise if you rate fellow members articles you get rating stars( a minimum of 2 rating stars is required to start and boost up your earnings. So that's it, general info on helium,

Minimum payout:- $25(paypal)
Referral commission:- I'm not sure about the commission but they pay half of referral earning, that's how i guess :D

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