Mturk review

mturk is another site that i am more concerned of, the site is a subsidiary of amazon.com. The site offers various online jobs for some money(low) but some works r highly paid, but they extract too much work from you, based on my experience I'm writing this review:-
The main work is called as HIT(seriously i don't know why they coined the term hit, whatever), every hit requires some qualification, like accuracy and for some hits you need to pass a qualification test, the site pays by various means, but you need to cross a minimum of $4 to request payment, for Indian users it's by cheque only, for U.S users alone it's bank transfer :(

The work you do may either be accepted or rejected, it purely depends on the requester and u can't as a damn explanation for his rejection, but to be frank, instead of sitting simply on the internet you can try on earn some bucks with this, but the good thing about mturk is that they pay for sure :D

Many people ask is mturk scam ?
The simple answer is no, mturk is not a scam site, nor it does not scam employers to post hits on their site. They even have support forums to flag employers who post hits that are inappropriate.

Although there are many mturk alternatives available over the net i solely believe in this site, because i have had real cheques from time to time..

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