Quit Ptc And Hyip Programs

Seriously speaking,I'm coming to mylot after 7 months and all i can see in this discussions is about promoting hell lot of ptc and hyip's, throughout my experience i have noted that there ain't any good paying site and a legit one(blindly trust me on this) a site that paid you today will fail to pay you tomorrow. or may not even pay you the first time, just calculate the amount they give per click(say 2 cents per click-of that you use 1 min of broadband usage, electricity and also you valuable time) it's actually a meager amount with gets collected over and looks like a big one at the end, at least that's how i was clicking few years back with all bux sites.

So seriously, quit those ptc and stop investing online(you'' fell bad in future when you lose it.

Well if you seriously wanna earn, than i got few other opinions for you, and here goes,


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