slice%20the%20pie%20banner.JPG is purely a music world that will enhance your online experience every second on the site. Coming to the point, slicethepie pays for reviewing music, that's right, they pay you for every song you review. Don't worry, the songs are pretty short and on the other had all you have to do is write a 3 line small review about the song, whether you liked it or not and the pros and cons and suggestions too and give it a rating from the rating scale from 0-10

They pay in pounds, but the disadvantage of the site is you cannot earn right after sign up, youy have to rate at least 50 songs and move to 3 star(star system is the one that tell you the skill and accuracy of your reviews)

The minimum payout for the site is 5 pounds

They pay via paypal

Payments are instant

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